Cascade Release

The latest game I've been working on with Funkitron, Inc. and Big Fish Games has finally been released! You can download Cascade for your iPhone or iPad through the App Store. We even got featured as one of the "Best New Apps" by Apple, which was great! 

For those wondering, my contribution to the game was as a character designer, all characters with the exception of Jasper the mole were my doing. You can view a few of those critters on the Digital Art section of the site. 

Also, here's a rather flattering review of Cascade on Gamezebo.



Of The Deep

Here's a new piece I created for the Threadless Original Monsters Design Contest. Inspired by the real life Leafy Sea Dragon, I tried to create an ethereal sea monster for this challenge. 

I've been experimenting a little with painting in photoshop, and working toward pieces that look less digital and more traditional, the benefits being speed and flexibility.  I don't think I've fully achieved a watercolor look with this particular piece, but I do think it's headed in the right direction.

The design is not yet up for voting on Threadless, I will update once it is on the site!





Holiday Mini-Paintings

This year for the holidays I gave several of my friends mini animal portrait paintings. Some are pet portraits, others are wild critters. Here they are : ) .


Mister Tod

B and Smendrick


Chinstrap Penguin



Happy Holidays!

The Snowy (or Northern) Jackalope wishes you all a happy holiday season!


PVD Lady Project Gift Guide

The PVD Lady Project is a group of female entreprenuers from around Providence, RI. Many of the members produce great art and interesting and creative products. The group has compiled a gift guide with many great offerings from its members in order to showcase these works during the holiday season. I'm really pleased to have my print, Mother and Child, included, and featured alongside many other cool creations.

Click the image below to check out the guide!